STEM Squad Profile: Sarah F Hillenbrand

Right now I teach writing and rhetoric courses at Stanford, but my real expertise is as a neuroscientist.

I studied human motor learning using brain scans, but discovered I loved teaching and writing about science in a way that academia just does not reward. So I started writing and blogging and took a teaching post-doc, taking on weird courses in storytelling, mythbusting, and my old friend the brain. This led me to the writing program, where I have used the opportunity to develop science-themed courses that students can take to fulfill their first-year writing requirement. It’s been a strange path to get here, and I am sad to have to leave this job soon, because it’s given me a really strong sense of mission. I loved developing courses that would make tech bros better communicators and better people! This summer, I’m going to be teaching a neuroscience day camp for kids while I look for my next job. I’m nervous (ok, terrified) but excited to be learning lots about opportunities in industry and education. I’m casting a wide net, hoping to find something that has me working closely with real-life humans to improve the way science stories are told.

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Collaborations & Opportunities

I’m extremely looking for opportunities and possibly collaborators on new #scicomm projects! Open to things at the nexus of science communication, education, and research.