STEM Squad Profile: Michelle Scire

My name is Michelle Scire. I have my B.S in Biology with an emphasis on human physiology and anatomy. I am in the middle of applying to Masters programs in Chemistry and hope to get my PhD in Neuroscience after. I was premed for most of college and have participated in 2 years of research on fire debris analysis. After getting into UCI’s premedical postbacc and subsequently failing to have the funding to continue my premed path, I switched gears to teaching. After experiencing an amazing internship at NASA Ames Research Center, I knew that I wanted to continue my education as a graduate student rather than teaching. I have worked as an analytical chemist at an environmental lab for the last two years and plan to stay employed there as I pursue my graduate school endeavors. My motivation is pure and simple, I am addicted to knowledge. I love learning new and interesting things and this quality has only enhanced over time. My dream is to pursue my education in research and scicomm and turn that into a meaningful career. I hope to one day reach a larger audience through youtube, TV, or other mediums to arm the general population with knowledge and SCIENCE! The next step is grad school, which I am in the middle of applying to now and continue my Instagram and website outreach using humor to reach a diverse audience and science it up!

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