STEM Squad Profile: Lauren T. Hewitt

I am a first generation college grad and PhD student studying neuroscience at the University of Texas at Austin!

My main motivation for much of what I do is a love of learning and sharing, especially with prospective and first generation students! I went to Arizona State University where I earned a degree in psychology and minored in biology, at the time ASU didn’t have a neuroscience program, so I had to build my own using classes from both behavioral psychology and any neurobiology classes I could get in to. As an undergrad, I worked in a lab studying the impact of estrogenic hormone therapy on cognition for four years and completely fell in love with neuroscience and women’s health. I took off two years and worked as a technician to make sure a PhD was really for me and I am so thankful that I did! I learned so much about myself in those years. Now, I am studying learning and memory while being trained as an electrophysiologist. So far I’m loving everyday of it!

Around 2018, I began embroidering as a form of stress relief and entered the world of science art and science communication. On my Instagram and Twitter you can catch me sharing cool facts about realistic neurons I embroider! I am incredibly passionate about outreach and education and hope to someday use my skills as an artist and scientist to offer new ways for anyone to accessibly learn something new and super neat about the brain.

Find Lauren on Instagram, Twitter, and her website. Lauren curated The STEM Squad Instagram in July 2018.

Collaboration Opportunities

I’m always looking for new friends to work with, particularly on using science art to communicate science in a fun and tactile way! I’ve previously worked with science bloggers and created embroidery pieces that coincide with a post we work on together. I’ve also work on giveaways that benefit charitable causes, I’m currently trying to get one underway with PhDepression where I give away some embroidery kits! I’m trying to put together my first embroidery pattern, so I’m looking for someone with some graphic design experience to give it a look over!

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