STEM Squad Profile: Jessica Droujko

My name’s Jess. I’m a mechanical/aerospace engineer. I live in Zurich, Switzerland and just completed my MSc in mechanical engineering at ETH Zürich. I did my BEng at McGill University in Montreal and I’m currently doing an internship in the R&D department of a company that builds gas turbines.

I love whitewater kayaking (and I’m not that bad at it either). I was on the Canadian Team multiple times for whitewater kayaking. I also run a YouTube channel called STEMinine. My motivation for this channel comes from all of the girls that message me saying that seeing my journey has given them the confidence to purse their dream of studying engineering. I’d love to grow this channel more in order to reach more women. I’d love to do more collaborations with women in STEM!:D

Find Jess on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter! Jess was a guest curator for The STEM Squad Instagram account from January 7-13, 2018.

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