STEM Squad Profile: Erin Winick

My name is Erin Winick and I have a degree in mechanical engineering. I am now using my love of engineering and STEM as a science and technology writer and an entrepreneur. I currently work for MIT Technology Review as the associate editor of the future of work. I am also CEO of my science fashion company, Sci Chic, which creates 3D printed science and engineering inspired jewelry.

On the side I am a fan of writing about and wearing science inspired fashion. I love sewing, making, and hiking as well.

My driving motivation is finding new and creative ways to spread awareness of science, technology, and engineering. My dream is to work as a science communicator in a variety of mediums like TV, audio, YouTube, and more. The biggest thing I need to do so is more opportunities to work on science communication and journalism projects outside of print.

Find Erin on Instagram, her website, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and at her company SciChic! Erin previously curated The STEM Squad Instagram and Twitter accounts July 8-14, 2017.

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