STEM Squad Profile: Eleonora Adami

Hi everyone, my name is Eleonora Adami. I’m currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Duke-NUS in Singapore, working in the cardiovascular and metabolic diseases area. I have a biotechnology (BSc) and functional genomics (MSc) background. I obtained my PhD in molecular biology and genetics in Germany before coming to the far east.

I think of myself as a carrier pigeon, always on the go, trying to find new adventures and challenges…Ok, maybe pigeons are not that adventurous (!?), but they used to deliver important messages and one thing I advocate is that we need to bring more art in scientific practices, because creative thinking benefits both disciplines.

So while being busy with my research in the lab, I have always tried to cultivate creative outlets; at the moment for example I am glad to be a contributing artist for the Women in Science series with the Sci-Illustrate team.

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Collaborations & Opportunities

I am looking forward to engage with many of you in the community as I have just opened an IG channel dedicated to science&illustration. Goes without saying I am open for art and scicomm collaborations. Cheers!