STEM Squad Profile: Anna Zakrisson

“Science is not separate from the arts, and the arts are not separate from science. It happens all around us everywhere and at this very moment.”

Dr. Anna Zakrisson (aka “Doctor Anna”) is a Ph. D. biologist and science communicator with degrees from world-renowned institutions such as Cambridge University and Max-Planck Institute, as well as several years of business experience as VP, Head of Content at ZAGENO.

However, she threw the bowlines, left her executive job, and set sail on a journey together with artists and scientists hoping to share the beauty of the natural world with all its conflicting impressions: pain and happiness, ugliness and beauty.

The close collaboration with her partner, opera singer Joa Helgesson, has opened for new ways of communicating science and has enriched both of them in their artistic, scientific and literary output, particularly by increasing their awareness of the importance of authenticity.

As Dr. Anna Zakrisson, she also assists in the design on vaccination campaigns in different countries and works as a freelance consultant. Here, she collaborates, amongst others, with Masse Hellström, previous WHO consultant with long-term field experience in both Afghanistan and Kazachstan.

Doctor Anna successfully walks the borderlands between academia, business, and the arts. Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium is an online outreach platform with over 30,000 followers on social media and thousands of readers, viewers, and listeners, per month.

She is active in the body suspension scene and is openly LBGQT.

Check out Anna’s blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, podcast, and YouTube!

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