We are The STEM Squad

We are a community of support for people who identify with a gender traditionally marginalized in STEM.
We advise, support, and promote each other in our pursuits in STEM careers and beyond!

Every once in a while a STEM Squad member gives us a glimpse into their life for an entire week, documenting it on Instagram. Follow for this unique look into what it’s like to pursue a variety of STEM careers!

On Twitter, rotating curators will share insights and lead discussions. During downtime, science writer Sophie Okolo manages the account to keep The STEM Squad updated on the news and hot topics.

Our Facebook group is where the takeovers are planned and where more personal questions are posed for community-wide insight and advice. Request to join our community and make sure to answer the questions posed!

Meet Some of The STEM Squad!

Support Us

Our community is full of self-starters; people who wanted to listen to a podcast that didn’t exist so they created it, communicators who want to drown out online pseudoscience with well-researched information, and folks who need a little boost to achieve their greatest potential. Buy from our shop to contribute to The STEM Squad grant which will support these kinds of endeavors and more!